I was asked by the author of this blog to consider a question he wrote, “What if a Christian book has sex and violence in it, but it’s not graphic, and the emphasis is on the redemptive theme of the story rather than showing the brokenness of the characters?”
Well, my answer would be the Bible. We can read the Bible and know when a lamb is sacrificed that blood will be everywhere; however, in today’s Christian Fiction we will know the blood spilled because the writer will describe it in detail. I think that is where the line is crossed for this genre. Authors of this genre do it to sell books, period. There’s no other reason to write in this manner besides the almighty dollar. Just my thoughts on the subject. Please read the original post to form your own opinion. Ben Erlichman did a great job with his blog.

Violence in Christian Fiction How much is too much? Obviously some of that depends on your genre, right? For example: if you're writing a cozy romance or Amish fiction, there's probably not much room for violence in the story because it will likely not fit with either the genre or the premise. Also, readers of such genres won't expect much violence in the books they read, so too much (maybe ANY) might turn them off to your writing. What about mysteries, suspense, or even roma … Read More

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