I know it is a bold statement to make. Text-to-speech is good for a great many things,  but one I never thought to use it for came to me last night.


Sounds so simple that I should have thought of it already? Why try to re-read your manuscript out loud when something can do it for you. Now you can listen to what you wrote while running errands or the dishes (if they piled up while writing and trust me they do). Sometimes a friend will let you know how your book is, but that takes time away from them and they sometimes don’t always read quickly. I am not saying a fresh perspective on what you wrote isn’t worth the time; however, hearing what you wrote first might save your friend’s writing hand from cramping after noting all the incorrect uses of grammar.

Some places say to use a text-to-speech for creating audio books. For me it sounds too monotone to be enjoyed properly. Better to have a real voice create the emotional points and hear a flat voice try to express excitement. If nothing else please consider using one of the many text-to-speech programs out there being offered for free. It will save you endless hours of editing the manuscript or help you simplify a sentence.