How do I put into words what it meant to fulfill my first signed contract for a book signing. The day started by me gathering up all the supplies for the trip. Books, pens, bag to carry supplies into the store, and an array of plate stands to set my book up on.
After that, I still had to get myself ready mentally and physically for the main event. Once prepared for my little adventure there was still an hour drive before setting foot on the holy ground – a major book retailer’s carpet.
As I made my way through the doors I thought trumpets sounded in the distance of my arrival, but of course that was the theme music playing in my head. The other authors had shown up earlier than I had with half of them all ready, books erect in little stands of their own. I should have gotten there a little sooner to mingle amongst the gathered writing gods. Yes, I said gods. Isn’t an author considered a god when the words they write down create a whole new world? Well, that’s my thought and I’m sticking to it.
The group was a diverse one with all of literature’s genres crammed onto tables in the shape of a horseshoe. People came in and browsed our wares, picked up a business card or flyer, skimmed one of the books, and some even walked away with said book in hand. Two hours of chatting up the authors on either side of me and talking at length about my novel to prospective customers made the time fly.
In the end, we all had a good time, sharing tips each author learned in preparing and selling their manuscripts. Valuable things were taken home that day. Our books in customers hands for one, and information shared between like-minded people. May they all pay tribute to the literary gods for many more book signings and prosperous days to come.
Adam Santo
Author of