Working on two titles at once can be a challenge. It does help with “writer’s block” if I get caught up on a subject and can’t think through it; however, keeping track of what happened last keeps things interesting. The two manuscripts on the table are Temperature: Bitter Cold (A working title) and Payout (a working title – a separate novel from the Temperature Series). That compiled with work and my family keep me pretty busy.

The ideas have been pouring from me about what can or will happen in the next book. I have more notes than chapters for the second book in the Temperature Series than I care to admit. Notes are a good thing and concepts bring new ideas for the current or future books, but am I using the notes to postpone the finishing of Temperature: Bitter Cold? I hope not.

I should have enough ‘notes’ to fill more than one book. I just have to work out the subplot a little more as I continue writing the main story line. If someone wants to claim writing is easy I haven’t found the easy part – yet. More updates will follow as I finish the novel and prepare to gather funds to self publish the second book in the series. Good luck to those challenged with promoting their manuscripts and to those just starting out.